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Well, I’m impressed. My socks arrived, and just in time for my trip overseas, where I fully expect to deal with lots of snow. Delivery took one week, though one might even argue they’re a bit too serious about expediency. One pair arrived yesterday in its own box, followed by three more individual packages today. I see they’ve embraced a package-based model for their postal architecture. Not a bad move, but you have to consider the risks, like out-of-order arrival (not a big problem for socks), lossage (high retransmission cost), jitter (particularly important for sockscription customers), etc. Latency rocks, though!

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SaaS (Socks as a Service)

By | Technical | No Comments I came across this rather amusing company a little while ago. They’ve been around since before the turn of the millennium but I somehow hadn’t stumbled upon them until now. What with everything turning web2.0-ey nowadays, I’d say they’ve got themselves a nice little niche. In case you’re too busy to visit (or too much of a slacker, TL;DR!), the concept is simple: you pay a yearly subscription fee (they call it a “sockscription”), and they keep sending you pairs of nice new black socks. It’s a very cute idea that has wide-ranging appeal and applicability. It also abides by one of the general rules for sysadmins, which is to automate whatever you can; the less time you waste thinking about repeatable tasks, the more time you have for…

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