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October 2011

Why you should use LVM: part 1319755409 in an infinite series

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At anchor, we loves us some LVM. It makes managing storage a breeze. Now, we’ve got one more reason to love it. Because now we have lvmsync. Like most modern hosting companies, we run a lot of VPSes, and sometimes the chunk of storage they’re on isn’t where it needs to be, so we have to transfer it around. Ordinarily, this would involve a lengthy period of downtime while dd did it’s business and sent the whole LV across a network. NOT ANY MORE! Now, with the magic of lvmsync we can transfer the bulk of the data while the VM is running, and then do a quick transfer of just the changes after we shut the VM down. We think our customers will appreciate the reduction in downtime, and…

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The Internet Show – Why hosting management is important to your online business

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The Internet Show is upon us this Thursday/Friday (27-28 October) and as Anchor has a presence, we are busy preparing for it. I’m happy to announce that we will be presenting a talk at the event about “why hosting management is imperative to the success of your website”. Some of the questions we’ll be asking (and answering) are: What is a system administrator? Do the marketing promises surrounding the cloud make sense? Why are system administrators forgotten? What specifically can a team of specialist systems administrators add to your hosting? The topic of conversation will center around the fundamentals that make up Anchor, and the approaches that we apply every single day to our hosting business. We will cover the need to have some of the most technically adept systems…

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cPanel University?! You’re doing it all wrong!

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Today I was minding my own business at my desk when I stumbled upon, a site which allows you to obtain “industry certification” for the cPanel Web Hosting Manager. The first thing I did was check the date; It’s not April 1st. So I sat there stunned for a minute or two, wondering if I should laugh or cry. Upon further inspection, it actually seemed to be true. You can now go and do an online course and become a certifed cPanel technician! For anyone who has done business with us in the past, we don’t make too much of a secret that we don’t think too much of control panels such as cpanel or plesk. In fact, we’ve quite openly published our thoughts on this in the past….

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Happy International SUIT UP Day!

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For one day of the year, all the Anchorites put away the board shorts and flip-flops, to celebrate in style with Cheap Suits and Expensive Scotch! In honour of Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother, a whole bunch of sysadmins at Anchor went to great lengths to wear a suit to work today! (A certain employee was caught off-guard yesterday and had to purchase a new one) We know it’s real, because we saw it on the internet

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Annoucing our US Support Number

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In the interests of improving our availability to our valued US clients we’ve recently provisioned a US-based toll-free number which can be used to get in contact with our support team. This number is: (888) 250 8847 This number is manned during our standard business hours and will allow you to get directly in contact with any of our qualified system administrators without any holding or difficult to navigate phone systems. In addition to this, if you have a dedicated hosting environment or purchase a support pack which gives you 24×7 emergency access to Anchor you will also be supplied with an emergency support number. We would recommend that all US clients record both of these numbers to ensure that they are always able to get in contact with us…

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