eCommerce Melbourne Prize Winner

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Congratulations to Guy Cooper from Wave Digital  Guy has won an appleTV just by visiting our booth at The Melbourne eCommerce Expo, which was held last month. We’re always giving away cool prizes at events, so make sure you keep an eye out for us to be in the draw to win. You can keep up to date with our events by signing up to our newsletter, watching this blog, or checking the events page.

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Michelle Bridges 12WBT

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  “Since beginning the program three and a half years ago, we’ve seen a membership growth by 300 per cent year on year. We see Anchor as an essential partner that enables us to smoothly move with this trend and continue our expansion. Anchor scales with us.” – Tim Phillips, Managing Director for Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation. The Company: The Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation is a program custom developed by the personal training celebrity to spring Australians into regular exercise routines, getting us lean and moving. Run completely via its core website, clients register for the program and once the agenda kicks off on its 12 week cycle, members spend the next three months dedicated to the schedule. Members are constantly tracking their progress towards set…

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DNS records and DNS management – an overview

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Arthur C. Clarke’s third law of prediction states that “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic” – a fair description of the elation you feel when after hours of stumbling around in the dark you finally fluke the right DNS configuration change and BAM! – your blog, website, mail server or load balancer suddenly springs into life. Well, that’s true for me anyway! DNS (or the Domain Name System) can be a complicated beastie if you’re not working with it day in and day out; it is however an essential building block that makes the Internet possible and if you have ever tried to get a website online you’ll have had to muck about with DNS records at some point in your life (and probably will again!). The role…

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What is cloud storage?

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Storage ain’t storage anymore – not in the world of web hosting anyway. Long gone are the days of servers writing to locally installed hard disks; cloud storage is abstracted from the physical server itself, instead residing on a high-speed network of distributed storage clusters. These clusters contain gazillions of hard drives which automatically replicate your data between different nodes for safety, scalability, performance and ease of management. Storage can be consumed using one or more different interfaces depending on its suitability to the task at hand. Anchor’s distributed storage system is built using Ceph – and we love its speed, flexibility and industry leading reliability. Here’s an overview of the different ways in which Anchor’s storage platform can be consumed and why you might use one interface over the…

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Just Bedding

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“The hours they have saved me per week had allowed me to spend more time focusing on improving our website, customer experience, and marketing efforts – and thus increasing our traffic. Anchor has helped us double our traffic levels and probably a whole year sooner if I’d continued doing the work myself” – Gabriel Luis, Website Administrator, Just Bedding The Company: Since launching the business in 2005, Just Bedding has rapidly become Australia’s leading online manchester and bedding retail store. Receiving 60,000 monthly click-throughs, the company is completely dedicated to providing the best possible user experience to its virtual window shoppers and the 35,000 customers registered to the site. The Challenge: Unlike traditional retailers, the company is purely web-based with no bricks and mortar retail presence. With this, Just Bedding…

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Getting ready for the Christmas rush

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Christmas is now less than a month away, and if you’re an Anchor customer you’re probably madly gearing up for the rush. The recent ClickFrenzy event gave everyone a taste of the excitement, and we’re quite chuffed to note that none of our customers experienced any load-related problems this time either. Booktopia, a veteran of last year’s event, was joined by Paddy Pallin, CostumeBox and Toyworld as business that came out on top by hosting with Anchor. If you’re an online retailer, rest assured that Anchor is here to lend a hand if you need it. Our team of expert sysadmins can get your site shipshape and performing at its peak. If you’re not sure your website will cope with the rush of customers, get in touch as soon as…

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Anchor Movin’ On Up!

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Well folks, the big day is here. Our Sydney-based Anchorites spent the latter half of yesterday packing everything away to move to our new premises on Elizabeth street. The new office space is a full 168% bigger, wow! Anchor has literally moved up in the world; as of this morning we can be found at Level 23, 201 Elizabeth street, with a fabulous view over Hyde Park and the CBD. On a technical note, we’ve made some exciting upgrades to our switching infrastructure at SYD1. Half a dozen lower-capacity core switches have been replaced by shiny new Dell Powerconnect models, giving us a gigantic backbone with 10Gbps ports everywhere. This is especially valuable as deployments of DRBD, for example, become more commonplace – it’s a performance monster that benefits from…

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Anchor opens third data centre in Sydney

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October, 2013: New Mascot-based data centre complements existing Anchor data centres in Alexandria and Los Angeles. Independent Australian managed web and application hosting and infrastructure provider, Anchor, has today officially opened its third data centre in Mascot, Sydney. This data centre is in addition to the already operating centres in Alexandria, Sydney, and Los Angeles, California.

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Click Frenzy – The sale that stops a nation. Is your website ready?

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At 7pm sharp on Tuesday the 19th of November 2013 (Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time) Click Frenzy is back, featuring a huge range of killer deals across all categories from top retail brands. This frenzy includes many retailers who have their websites hosted with Anchor, including Booktopia, Costume Box, Toyworld and Paddy Pallin. If your online store is participating in this event, you need to make sure it’s ready to cope with a large surge of shoppers hitting your site all at once. It is quite clear from previous events that this online shopping festival will again drive a huge amount of traffic. If you’re participating, there is only one thing you should be worrying about at sale time – fulfilling all the orders! Anchor specialises in providing hosting solutions that can scale quickly and cost-effectively. If you’re concerned…

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