Who are Anchor?

Not all hosting providers were created equal.

Founded in 2000, Anchor provides fully managed web and application hosting services, specialising in creating innovative and scalable hybrid cloud solutions for our customers.

Prevailing business logic tells us that in corporations of many people only a few are responsible for most of its productivity. So, when we wondered what would set us apart from other hosting companies we decided to keep the few. We don’t see that we have staff; we have a group of brilliant and accomplished people.

It was this decision that ensured that Anchor people responsible for developing and maintaining hosting infrastructures would be the same people that dealt with our customers. When you call Anchor, the person listening will have had a role in implementing one of our custom-designed mission critical hosting applications.

If you are having a problem you will neither hear instructions on what numbers to press nor a music loop. You will however be communicating with a person. Probably you will hear nothing for a while. Anchor people think before giving considered advice. Rarely will you be advised to reboot…

Come aboard, let us manage your servers so you can get on with managing your business.