Magento Fleet is a new hosting platform
that makes the deployment, testing and
promotion of new code into production a pleasure.

Anchor OpenCloud
Ultra-high performance, Public OpenStack cloud.

We make web developers more
effective and help online businesses scale.

Our success has been built on
a simple guiding principle:
make others successful.


Anchor provides managed cloud hosting – with a special focus on e-commerce. How can we help you?

managed infrastructure

Know your way around a server? Got your DevOps chops? We will manage the OpenStack cloud platform & infrastructure; you take responsibility for the configuration & management of your servers, website & applications. And if you get stuck — we’re always here if you need us.

Self-service Cloud

managed operations

If you’d rather, you can leave the server management to us — and focus your energies on your website or app. We’ll handle everything an in-house SysAdmin or 24×7 Operations team would; building, securing, optimising, patching & scaling your servers on AWS or OpenStack.

Fully Managed Cloud

devops automation

Take your business to the next level – this completely changes the nature of our engagement. By integrating our ops automation specialists with your dev team, we’ll make your web app (and business) far more efficient, scalable and effective – providing real competitive advantage.

Fully Automated Cloud



Fleet Magento-as-a-Service

magento-logo-2Developed exclusively by Anchor, Fleet is a new automated hosting platform so good, it makes hosting Magento any other way suddenly look like a very bad idea.

We’ve applied our DevOps Automation methodologies to Magento and the result is game changing for online retailers. Fleet’s automated code deployment & auto-scaling, immutable infrastructure design results in many significant, measurable benefits for your business.

Self-service, simple — and you only pay for the resources you use.

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DevOps Automation

You write code. We automate your infrastructure and get out of your way.

Take your business to the next level. Anchor now provide “DevOps Automation” as a managed service, complementing our traditional managed hosting services and leveraging the AWS and OpenStack clouds to bridge the gap between operations and software development.

If your organisation is looking for greater competitive advantage and the enablement of frequent, safe and ’zero-downtime’ testing & promotion of new code into production — talk to us today.

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Anchor OpenCloud

Powered by the latest OpenStack Juno release, OpenCloud is plumbed with 56Gbps InfiniBand — a networking technology commonly used in super-computing clusters. And high-performance, Ceph-backed SSD block storage means blazing-fast 15 second server deploys.

Full OpenStack, Swift and S3 APIs are exposed providing you with a flexible, simple and industry-standard cloud platform freeing you from worries about compatibility or vendor lock-in.

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I trust the team at Anchor more than any other systems administrators I’ve ever worked with.

- Tom Preston-Werner, co-founder and CTO, GitHub